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  1. Roger Amidon
    Roger Amidon February 9, 2013 at 12:45 pm |

    It’s nice that Rowland Robinson’s handiwork lives on. I can remember Dad reading from one of his collections a story (somewhat confused in my mind but very funny at the time) a tale Antoine presumably told the gang in Uncle Lisha’s workshop. I recall it being a French-Canadian fable of a man with a vanity problem who somehow was changed into a kingfisher. The bird flew up and down the stream until it froze. Then thinking his reflection on the ice to be a rival, dove straight down to his demise. I don’t have this story straight, but I bet you probably do.

    Though I’m a Chittenden county native, and well-acquainted with Rokeby in days of yore, I don’t know where Robinson construed Danvis to be, or if there is no such place in Ferrisburgh or Charlotte, why he didn’t simply use either name. Any thoughts?

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