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A Meeting

by Rilke, Rainer Maria

Oh boy, oh boy, guess who’s excited about tonight’s podcast?

It’s me, Miette– I’m excited, silly listener. You see, in the insuppressible excitement of putting books in boxes for an upcoming move, I found, surprisingly dust-free and hidden behind a small stack, a volume of Rilke prose!

A Charming Woman

by Jerome, Jerome K.

Um, there must be some mistake, I think. Climate Change means that weather systems need to be… well… not the same muggy filthy smoggy dogbreath-upon-shoulders-every-time-you-step-outside. I accept, grudgingly, the current sorry state of the skies, but really: it’s going to change, right? Some day?

The Father

by Bjornson, Bjornstjerne

Carrying on with the recurring theme of Is It Possible That It’s Really This Hot?, we go now to Norway, lovely Norway, land of good design, natural air conditioning in August, symbolist screaming, gabbling Heddas, and oh yes, have I mentioned it’s probably not ninety degrees there right now?